Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home

About the Book

This is a story about a betta fish named Frank. Frank is more person than fish. He loves his people, he likes his routine, and he knows what he wants. Unlike most fish, he's very expressive and is more than capable of conveying his displeasure or joy.

After a journey full of ups and downs, Frank realizes that home isn't about where you live, it's about who you love and who loves you. Join Frank on his adventure to find his forever home!

A portion of all proceeds from Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home will be donated to a non-profit organization supporting adoption. 

"This is a gentle story where the events that occur are largely out of poor Frank’s control...Frank doesn’t set out on a quest or fight battles, but he is a different fish at the end than the beginning. 


Frank the fish is cute as a button. He is a very wise, if apprehensive fish.


Children will learn that home is not about how big a place is or where it is, but about the love found there. Fantastic.

They’ll also learn that living beings need consistent care. A pet is not to be acquired on a whim.


This is a book that is beautiful to look at, and it would be a valuable resource for teachers as well. The story is well told, and the illustrations are wonderful."

- Whistler Independent Book Awards

Inside the Book


Sandra, Child Welfare Worker

“OMGosh – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…it’s amazing…right from the heart of the story to the incredible voice that you give it and the use of light in the illustrations. SO WONDERFUL, Sarah!"

Daisy-Mae, Author, Professor, and Motivational Speaker 

Frank the Fish Finds His Forever Home by Sarah Burnett-Murray is based on a true story of a betta fish in Ontario, Canada. Readers of all ages will connect with this wonderful story of Frank the Fish! Through this book, the reader is taken on a roller coaster journey as Frank finds himself in a world of uncertainty. The image of being left alone (p.14), is one of the many illustrations in the book that perfectly depicts Frank’s feelings as he navigates his surroundings. It made my heart sink and eyes tear up for Frank. Through her thoughtful writing, Sarah sheds light on the fears and worries of Frank, and taps into the real fears of children in adoption and foster care. Frank reminds the reader that it’s okay to be scared, and that much can be found on the other side of one’s fears. Frank truly gives readers hope for their own life journeys.”


"What a great read! I read to both my son who is 7 and my daughter who is 4 and they agreed that Frank the Fish is a pretty awesome character. I personally loved how many big feelings Frank the Fish conveyed to the reader that were completely relatable for everyone from kids to adults. My kids and I felt empathy for him and wanted him to find happiness. We really felt like we were rooting for him in finding his forever home. The underlying topic of adoption is such a nice theme that you layered into the book using Frank. And I think the fact that Frank didn't find his forever home at first and had to deal with some tough emotions resembled the realities of adoption which is so important. Frank has taken a topic that can be hard to talk about and made it relatable. My kids and I chatted about it after we were done reading and it was great way for me to talk to them about this theme."

Thea, Age 4

"I really like Frank the Fish and the people that took care of him. I want to hear more of his adventures!"

Joscelyn, Thea's Grandma

“Cute story. I liked the premise and that they talked to him about moving later.” 

Paolo, Age 4

“I really like Frank the Fish. I liked it when the man found Frank in his bowl on the shelf.”


"Everyone wants a home where they feel safe, cared for, and loved; the story of Frank the Fish captures this with honest and straightforward writing. The vibrant illustrations are immediately engaging and draw the reader in. The descriptions of Frank's living situations and of his feelings, especially learning to trust, are shared in a non-judgemental way. Frank has a hopeful and positive nature, and I like that he acknowledges his intuition at different points in the story. This is a wonderful book for all types of families! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!"

Martha, Elementary School Teacher

"Frank the Fish is a story about the importance of family and connections. This story explores adoption through the eyes of a fish who longs for consistency and love. But as Frank discovers, it’s not where you live but how you are loved that matters. The story of Frank the Fish will help to reinforce discussions about adoption and the importance of a supportive and loving home. It may also resonate with any parent whose child is begging for their first pet, unaware of the commitment required. This book would be appropriate for young children who are sure to fall in love with Frank as they follow him in his quest for family."


"Just wanted to share...Jacqueline has been loving Frank the Fish! It’s the perfect tummy time book. It keeps her so interested, she doesn’t mind being on her tummy at all. 😊

It is a super cute story! We really enjoy it!"