Frank the Fish Finds a Friend

About Book 2

This is the second book about a plucky betta fish named Frank. In this story, Frank meets Phoebe, a shy but curious mystery snail. Frank and Phoebe learn about each other and, in the process, discover the importance of acceptance and the meaning of friendship.

A portion of all proceeds from Frank the Fish Finds a Friend will be donated to a non-profit organization supporting friendship. 

Inside the Book

Early Reviews

Sandra, Child Welfare Worker

"I LOVED this part of Frank’s story!  It was delightful!  The building of this friendship between Frank and Phoebe laid out a map of how to begin to reach out to others, and I think that children everywhere could learn from this. I think that anyone who has experienced challenges connecting with others would love this story and find this ‘map’ a helpful tool. 

I love the pace of the story and the security that Frank found in his new home that gave him the curiosity to reach out to Phoebe.  Frank is showing us that curiosity grows out of security and that is vital for caregivers to provide.

Thank you so much for once again shining a light on a path that leads to healthier children and families. I am also grateful for the amazing artwork that brings Frank and his story to life!"

Shelly & Family

"The kids absolutely adored Frank the Fish Finds a Friend. It was very informative and taught them a lesson as well. They learned to never cast judgement on anyone without knowing them. They learned the importance of friendship and to always stay open minded.

The book is very well written and illustrated beautifully. Frank the Fish Finds a Friend is an amazing story. We loved reading it as a family."


"LOVE IT!!! It's about friendship, coming out of one's comfort zone, and getting used to one's environment before exploring/participating."